Limited Edition Prints for "Paintings by Men" and "Paintings by Women"
I've decided to release each of the panels as an edition of 100 prints after realizing I couldn't part with the originals and to allow both series to expand in the future. I will be releasing new prints every few months, so check back! Email me at with any questions or if you'd like to purchase a print.

More on the Series "Paintings by Men" and Paintings by Women":
"Paintings by Men" and "Paintings by Women" look at the individual palettes of well-known male and well-known female painters throughout history. I pick a painting by each artist (Picasso, Matisse, Kahlo O'Keefe to name a few) and use the palette of the painting, abstractly, in an effort to convey that artist's character through color. Alongside the effort to convey an artist’s character through color, I explore whether there is an instinctual difference artists’ palettes over time and across gender, all adding to the narrative of color in art history. Within each series, the paintings are read from top left to bottom right, like a cast of characters. Currently, Paintings by Men goes from Hieronymus Bosch to Morris Louis. Paintings by Women goes from Artemisia Gentileschi to Agnes Martin. The series will expand. Each panel is named by the first name of the artist (Henri, Berthe) which is meant to create an added sense of intimacy, as though the subject was sitting for me. Please look check the "Paintings by Men" and "Painting by Women" pages too see the full sets of both.